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In Mumbai, café offers a one-stop shop for wedding solutions

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For couples planning a wedding, arranging all the details can be a full-time job. Wedding planners can offer a solution in some parts of the world for those with the means and the willingness to give up complete control, but now couples in Mumbai have a new alternative: The Wedding Café and Lounge, an upscale restaurant that offers a guide to wedding-planning services along with its meals. In addition to its luxurious dining room and sumptuous food, the Wedding Café and Lounge offers those planning a wedding a single place to coordinate everything they’ll need. Links to florists, bands, videographers and honeymoon destinations along with suppliers of bridal makeup, invitations and mithaiwalas are all among its offerings, according to an Iconoculture report, giving happy couples a central spot from which to plan their special day. The café itself, in fact, can also serve as a wedding venue. In regions where the wedding industry isn’t yet in its fullest form, a hybrid solution like this could be a good way to gain entry as it takes shape. One to emulate? Spotted by: Katharina Kieck

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