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Personalised, hand-woven wedding runners

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Brides-to-be the world over have long dreamt of their walk down a red-carpeted aisle. A new Irish company, however, has found a way to do the traditional floor covering one better: personalised, hand-woven wedding runners. Printed and hand-painted wedding runners have been around at least in the US for some time now, but takes the personalization a notch higher by actually weaving a couple’s names, initials and/or date right into the rug itself. Couples begin by choosing a design they like from the range of those offered on the site, along with specifying what they’d like to be woven into the rug and where. They then choose the colours they’d like for the rug’s background, text and borders, and specify the length of rug they need for their wedding venue. All runners are a standard one meter wide and are sold by the running foot; pricing is EUR 19 per ft. Because each runner is custom made, delivery takes about 12 weeks. Bespoke runners with fully customised designs are available as well for an extra cost; delivery then takes about 20 weeks. Either way, after the wedding the rugs can be cut and sewn for use as a doormat, wall hanging or keepsake to be handed down through the generations. All of which leads us to repeat a favourite refrain: everything—everything—everything can be upgraded! Even items that are luxuries already or have been upgraded before. Whether it’s a handmade baby blanket or a carpet for a momentous day, there will be consumers out there willing to pay a little more for the extra touches and premium details that will stroke their gravanity and impress their friends. Time to put on your premium hat and start looking around! 😉 Spotted by: Bébhinn Kelly



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