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Weekly planner for the whole family

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Keeping track of your own schedule can be challenge enough, but in families with children, there may be six or more to coordinate. Bizzyboard tackles that problem head-on with a wall-mountable board that maps out an entire family’s weekly schedule at a glance. There are other family calendars out there, such as one from MomAgenda, but most are paper-based. Bizzyboard, on the other hand, is essentially a magnetic and erasable white board, with durable, easy-to-clean construction. The 60cm-by-80cm board provides a row for each day of the week and a column for each of up to 6 family members, plus room for miscellaneous scheduling notes. Six large magnets are available for photos of each family member, while 220 smaller ones—some with colourful icons for birthday parties or sports practices, for example, and others blank for customized use—allow even young children to participate in the scheduling process. Weekday names are not printed on the board, allowing customers in different countries to use their own language and choose which day of the week to start with. The board is available in brown or grey, and pricing is EUR 119 plus EUR 15 for shipping. Netherlands-based Bizzyboard currently ships only within Europe. (Update: Bizzyboard now ships worldwide.) Bizzyboard just launched a few weeks ago with the mission of giving “everyone in your family, including the youngest toddlers, an overview, peace and clarity within their daily activities.” Its price seems unsustainably high, but anything that can lend a bit of order to the chaos of family life is sure to win a following, particularly with a cute, kid-friendly format. Perhaps more than anything else, Bizzyboard underscores families’ unmet need for kid-friendly organization help. What else could help parents keep home life under control? Spotted by: Willem Bonneux



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