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After a week’s hard work, local craft beer delivery to offices every Friday afternoon

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The UK's Deskbeers aims to ease office staff into the weekend by offering delivery of a different craft beer each Friday.

Most office workers will know that Friday feeling — halfway between completing a solid week of work and looking ahead to the weekend. Easing staff into the evening, the UK’s Deskbeers is offering deliveries of a different local craft beer to offices every Friday afternoon.

Many offices with more relaxed atmospheres allow their staff to enjoy a beer to reward them for their hard work. Rather than taking a trip to the nearest liquor store or supermarket for cheap deals, London-based Deskbeer supports the work of local brewers, scouring the city for companies creating high quality drinks and bringing them straight to the office. Workers get to sample a new beer each week — whether it’s an ale, lager, stout or bitter, turning post-work drinks into a fun taste-testing session without the need to get the whole office to a bar. Deskbeers delivers bottles in multiples of 12, priced at GBP 2.50 a bottle, and may offer its service on other days of the week and outside London once it’s fully launched.

While services such as Kopi have enabled anyone to get premium coffee delivered regularly to their door, Deskbeers has twisted this idea to turn its subscription into a weekly social event for offices, and one that managers can use to treat and motivate their staff. Could something similar be done for other products or environments?



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