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Product inspection service for long-distance eBay & Craigslist buying

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The march of the eBay feeder businesses continues! Following in the footsteps of companies including Zippi and Lots2 comes WeGoLook, a service that will personally inspect and verify a product being considered for person-to-person purchase online. A big part of the risk involved in P2P shopping online — particularly for high-ticket items — is that distance typically makes a personal inspection impossible. That’s where Oklahoma-based WeGoLook comes in, with a network of 7,000 verified “Lookers” nationwide. Targeting transactions conducted through eBay and Craigslist for such products as cars, boats and property and even people involved in recruiting or matchmaking services, WeGoLook can take current photos or videos, watch working demonstrations and complete personalized reports for verification of a person, place or thing. Other uses of the service include monitoring the condition of a grave site or vacation home, the company says; professional services for attorneys, appraisers and others are also available. Pricing for each “Look” begins at USD 49. With the rise of sellsumers and person-to-person commerce, there’s a world of new opportunity to help foster the trust that’s necessary for a successful transaction. One to partner with or emulate in other parts of the world…? Spotted by: Peter Yu



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