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One tree planted for each wooden watch sold

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We’ve already seen jewelry made from both reclaimed and sustainably mined materials. Guided by a similarly eco-minded philosophy, Los Angeles-based (and Florence-born) WeWood crafts wooden watches and plants a new tree for every watch it sells. WeWood timepieces offer Miyota movements in a variety of designs that are completely devoid of artificial and toxic materials, the company says. Several wood varieties are used in WeWood’s watches, including Maple, Ebony and Guaiaco, a tree native to South America. A fourth type — called Red Wing Celtis — is typically used for flooring, and WeWood draws its supply from the industrial waste that would otherwise result. Perhaps best of all is that — much like Vermont’s Naked Table workshops — WeWood plants a new tree for every watch sold thanks to a partnership with American Forests and Global Releaf. Each WeWood watch is priced at USD 119. With their focus on sustainability and the use of story-laden reclaimed materials, WeWood’s watches offer a new eco-iconic time-telling option for green-minded consumers. Eco-minded retailers around the globe: this one’s for you!(Related: Furniture with a story, crafted from salvaged sailing dhowsEco-friendly gift cards & hotel key cardsBoxes made of cardboard laden with seeds.) Spotted by: Jasmine



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