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Mapmaker with a local touch and a global plan

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Tourist maps are not unique. Artistically rendered maps are available for many cities, usually created by a local artist. What distinguishes Guatemala-based mapmaking company Where To Go Maps is their focus on replicating the local approach globally. Where To Go Maps is working towards creating a globalised mapping system that would see their free artistic city maps available to travellers for all major tourist destinations worldwide. In addition to presenting tourists with the best hotels, restaurants, bars, shops, attractions and sightseeing highlights that each city has to offer, Where to Go Maps also illustrate the specific locations of local businesses who advertise on the maps. Currently available online and in downloadable form for seven cities—La Antigua, Guatemala City, Puerto Rico, Panama City, Cayman Islands, Madrid and Miami—Where To Go Maps is seeking partners to join them in creating maps for more cities across the globe. One to explore? (Related: Hand-sketched city maps feature drawings and local advice.) Spotted by: Juan Olivero 



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