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Wind-energy mapping tool now covers the world

Agriculture & Energy

When we wrote last year about the FirstLook mapping tool for new-energy entrepreneurs, it covered only the United States. Just the other day, however, the maker of the tool announced that its wind-mapping service has expanded to cover the whole world. FirstLook now provides free access to average wind speed ranges anywhere in the world through a dynamic 5 km resolution map. Once they have zeroed in on a promising location, renewable-energy entrepreneurs can augment that initial wind assessment by purchasing a detailed report from 3TIER, the Seattle-based company behind the service. Such reports provide a more in-depth estimate of wind resources at a specific location, including average annual, monthly and hourly wind speeds and daily wind speed patterns. FirstLook Assessment Reports are currently available only for the United States, Canada and Mexico, but reports for additional regions will be made available throughout the year. Alternative energy really is the modern-day equivalent of the gold rush, as we noted in our previous story. Those who support the prospectors might just strike it rich themselves! 😉



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