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Wine selling & storytelling


Products that carry a sense of place or provenance are coveted by consumers for a variety of reasons, from environmental concerns to shifting perceptions about what constitutes value. As people move away from mass consumption to unique products and memorable experiences, the importance of storytelling deepens. Which is a boon for smaller companies, who are often more closely in touch with their product and history. We recently spotted a great example in Copenhagen. Gerbola Vin was founded by two brothers, Emil and Magnus Gerbola. Their grandfather came to Denmark from Italy while touring Europe as a circus clown. Going back to their roots, Emil and Magnus have started importing wine from Northern Italy, selling to wine bars, restaurants and corporate clients. And directly to consumers, which is where it gets interesting. Instead of setting up shop in one of Copenhagen’s famed shopping streets, the brothers found a location that has the ideal temperature and humidity for storing wine: an underground air-raid shelter. Built in 1942 and located in a small park, the shelter has no electricity or other modern comforts, which suits the wine perfectly. It also makes for an interesting experience—customers don’t just buy a carefully chosen bottle of Italian wine, they also acquire the experience of descending into a candle-lit bunker, and the opportunity to share those details with their friends. Gerbola Vin is currently open on Fridays only, and by appointment. However, as can be expected with a good story, word is getting out and the Gerbola brothers are considering expanding their retail operations. Spotted by: Trine Plambech



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