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Wine Wipes remove tannin stains from teeth

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Wine may make glad the heart of man, but when it’s red, its effect on teeth is much less attractive. Wine Wipes are a new innovation designed to quickly and discreetly wipe away the unsightly dark film red wine can leave behind. Each compact-sized container of Wine Wipes includes 20 orange blossom-flavoured wipes and a mirror to assist in using them. Developed with the help of a sommelier, the small towelettes use salt and a proprietary mix of other ingredients that remove stains but leave no aftertaste. In fact, the wipes actually clean the palate of the user, making them particularly suitable for use during wine tastings, according to Borracha, the product’s California-based maker. Wine Wipes are sold in retail shops, tasting rooms and boutique stores across the US, as well as online. Pricing is USD 18 for three compacts with a purple velvet carrying case, and Borracha donates a portion of its proceeds to support safe water projects in developing countries. International shipping is available. All of which is further proof that whenever consumers have an itch—however small—opportunity awaits those who can help them scratch it. Oenophiles in the rest of the world: how about being the first to bring these to your neck of the wine-drinking woods…? Spotted by: Judy McRae



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