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Teachers link libraries & children in rural India

Nonprofit & Social Cause

Close to half of India’s school-aged children live in rural villages, where poverty often constrains what can be accomplished in local schools. The new Mambo Wisdom Box effort, however, aims to help such areas benefit from nearby libraries, giving teachers a way to get books into the hands of kids. As part of the Mambo effort, towns are provided with a library equipped with books, digital reading material and a playroom. Sustained by memberships and social funding, that library will double as a free resource for local teachers from surrounding villages, who will routinely collect books for their “wisdom box” and take them to their students. Teachers will also make observations about the reading habits of their pupils, helping Mambo and other agencies devise new programs; in addition, they’ll get opportunities to further their own education. Mambo has already opened its first library in Siricilla; a video explains the project’s goals in further detail. Who will sponsor the next Mambo library? Spotted by: Nivas



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