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With 3D camera and depth sensors, any object can be touch-enabled

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The brainchild of Digitas Labs and Ayotle, AnyTouch is a system that digitises human movement to bring touch capabilities to virtually any object.

The virtual ink had barely dried on our recent story about MaKey MaKey’s touch-enabling technology when we came across something similar. The brainchild this time of French Digitas Labs and startup Ayotle, which is based in Paris and Mexico, AnyTouch is a new project that can bring touch capabilities to virtually any object. Now in prototype form, AnyTouch uses a 3D camera, depth sensors and vision software designed by Ayotle to bring touch capabilities to any everyday object, whatever its size or surface. Shapes, colors, objects and user gestures can all be detected thanks to the technology, which was developed as part of the AACC Startup Project. In fact, users don’t even have to actually touch the object to interact with it, as demonstrated in the video below: At least as exciting as the product possibilities of technology like this is the advertising potential, as noted by Ayotle founder Gisele Belliot in PSFK’s report. Brands around the globe: time to start experimenting? Spotted by: Katherine Noyes



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