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Crowdsourced Q&A instantly guides tourists in Istanbul

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Much the way Crowdbeacon offers location-specific advice supplied by the crowds, so Wizard Istanbul aims to help guide tourists in Turkey’s largest city. Via the web, Facebook and Twitter, the crowdsourced site operates 24/7 to bring users immediate and free answers to all their questions about Istanbul. A dedicated form is available on the Wizard Istanbul site for the submission of users’ questions, but those on the go can also use Facebook or Twitter. However they submit them, users’ questions are answered in minutes by a volunteer organization of Istanbul residents who are passionate about their city. So, even if it’s the middle of the night, tourists can find out, “If you can get to your hotel in Sultanahmet from the airport easily,” for example, or “When is the next Uskudar-Eminönü ferry?” Recent, popular and random questions are also listed on the site — “top 10 things to do in Istanbul for couples,” for example — along with answers and links to related information. Wizard Istanbul is supported by the Culture and Tourism Ministry of Turkey. Location-specific guides are already plentiful, of course; what makes Wizard Istanbul intriguing is its subjective, crowdsourced and real-time advice — not to mention its support from Turkey’s tourism ministry. One to emulate for the city you love?



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