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'Huggable' case keeps iPhones safe from kids


It’s no secret that young kids are irresistibly drawn to all the many games and other entertainment options available on their parents’ mobile phones. The havoc that can wreak on said phones, however, is another matter. Enter the Woogie, a huggable case for iPhone and iPod touch that keeps the device safe while allowing kids to enjoy the fun it has to offer. Launched last month by Tennessee-based Griffin Technology and app developer ScrollMotion, the Woogie is part stuffed animal and part protective case for iPhone and iPod touch. The six-legged creature features two built-in speakers powered by included AAA batteries, and its body is made from soft, non-toxic fabrics designed to protect the device within from the drops, dings and bumps that are sure to happen in a kid’s hands. The Woogie is easily carried by a child, but its legs can also be tucked underneath to prop up the phone for hands-free viewing. Priced at USD 19.99, the Woogie is available online from Griffin. Also available for the Woogie in Apple’s App Store is ScrollMotion’s free Iceberg Kids Sesame Street eBook sampler app for iPhone and iPod touch, which reads stories out loud and even allows parents and kids to record their own voices. More than 150 additional Woogie-ready titles are available in the App Store as well. With the continuing rise of portable devices, it’s a safe bet that demand for kid-proof protection will only increase. The Woogie, however, is currently available only in the U.S. One to partner with or emulate in other parts of the world? (Related: The coffee cup for moms that won’t scald tykesPersonalized e-stories for kids on iPhone and KindleiPhone app narrates stories for young kidsiPhone game gets kids into the (hidden) park.)



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