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iPhone app uses augmented reality to help road warriors find a place to work

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Road warriors may enjoy virtually unlimited choices when it comes to finding a place to work, but by no means are those options all equal: wifi availability, noise levels and even the quality of the coffee served can all have a big impact on a mobile worker’s productivity. That’s where WorkSnug comes in. The mobile application uses augmented reality to show users what workspaces are nearby along with reviews of their offerings. The WorkSnug team checked hundreds of spots—from small cafes to formal co-working spaces—and reviewed them on such factors as wifi access, power supply, noise levels, community feel and—yes—even the coffee. Mobile workers simply launch the application on their iPhone 3GS and use the phone to scan what’s around them. The application then displays the information it has about what’s nearby; there’s also an option for users to add reviews of their own. Created in association with headset maker Plantronics, the free app is coming soon for London and San Francisco, with data for other cities coming later this year. Meanwhile, more information is available via Twitter. One to watch! (Related: ING app for Google phone uses compass and camera to show nearest ATM.)



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