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World’s first AI-driven television advertising

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New television advertising from British broadcaster uses artificial intelligence to place products alongside TV scenes that are relevant to their brand.

Smart technology has enabled a new range of advertising such as AR advertising that projects images into the air. Another example is a zero packaging store that uses AR to supply product details. British television broadcaster – Channel 4 – has announced the world’s first TV advertising technology that uses artificial intelligence. The AI technology, ‘Contextual Moments’ allows the broadcaster to display adverts from brands next to relevant TV scenes.

For the first time, advertisers will be able to place their ads in linear TV shows during scenes that are relevant to their brand. To use the service, purchasable bundles will be available to advertisers. These will include categories such as food, relationships or mobile phones. The AI is then able to identify which scenes in a TV show are relevant for the advertiser. For example, the AI can display a food brand’s advert when a character in a show is eating or cooking. Alternatively, a makeup brand may display their advert while a character is getting ready to go to a party.

Award-winning research from Channel 4 and BDRC Continental demonstrates that when people view an advert contextually, they are twice as likely to remember it. Their findings reveal that contextual adverts increase spontaneous awareness by 34 percent. In addition, they increase purchase intent by 13 percent and positive brand perception by 12 percent. Jonathan Allan, Chief Commercial Officer at Channel 4 said: “Our pioneering ad tech provides an exciting opportunity for advertisers to test a global first in TV ad targeting which we know delivers strong results.”




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