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Desktop hive farms edible insects

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LIVIN farms have developed a countertop nest for cultivating edible mealworms that will feast on leftovers.

The maker movement is creating easy DIY kits for homemade bread and cheese, but for the more adventurous diners, LIVIN farms are bringing a sustainable, er, snack users can cultivate at home — behold the first desktop hive that houses edible insects.

The hive comprises a column of compartments for growing protein-rich mealworms. Pupae at the top turn into adult beatles, which mate and lay eggs that pass down through the hive. The eggs hatch and grow into larvae, then reach the right mealworm size in the bottom compartment. The hive is designed to separate dirt and waste, and a ventilation system provides the right growth conditions as well as purifies the air. Mealworms eat anything, and so can be fed with kitchen leftovers. LIVIN farms are currently crowdfunding on Kickstarter, with an aim to launch late 2016 alongside an app with recipe suggestions. Pledgers can preorder a hive for USD 499.




Though the mere thought of an insect farm — let alone feasting on worms — may cause many consumers to dry retch, LIVIN farms are hoping that their simple at-home solution will convince users to give them a try. What else could users make at home?



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