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World’s first industrial-scale carbon capture

Climeworks has developed a scalable atmospheric carbon capture that can store CO2 for reuse as energy.

We recently wrote about a Belgian company converting climate change related byproducts into ethanol that is sold on as fuel. Switzerland-based Climeworks is going a step further by capturing CO2 from the air for commercial uses.


Climeworks have developed a filter that binds CO2 by direct air capture (DAC). The CO2 remains bound to the filter until low heat is applied, providing an effective storage solution. The stored CO2 can then be used to provide near-neutral energy solutions for a range of industrial processes, such as soft drink carbonization, growing plants in commercial greenhouses, and in the production of synthetic fuels. These filters fit into modular plants, are scalable as stand-alone facilities, and are attachable to preexisting industrial structures — they can turn waste heat energy into power by enabling plants to capture carbon.


Climeworks’ first industrial plant will be operational next year, with a target capability of 900 tons atmospheric carbon capture. Can turning emissions capture into profit encourage other industries to go climate-neutral?



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