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Self-charging bike

The world's first self charging electric folding bike


A bike that uses a kinetic energy recovery system to charge while cyclists pedal and break, meaning you never have to plug it in.

In the past few years electric bikes have seen some interesting developments. In March last year we wrote about this Japanese bike that charges wirelessly. Before that, we saw a battery powered wheel that can be attached to any bicycle. Now, Austrian design duo Valentin Vodev and Valerie Wolff have created the first completely self charging electric bike.

The VELLO BIKE+ charges whenever you pedal or brake, using an integrated kinetic energy recovery system; the amount of energy generated depends on factors like the incline of the road and the pedaling speed. It weighs under 12 kg and measures just 72 x 53 cm when folded down, meaning it fits under a desk, in a suitcase or in a car boot. The bike comes with several smart features such as an accompanying app that allows users to lock their bike remotely. It also has a patented magnetic release making it easy to fold. Once folded, it stands on its own and can be wheeled along. The design recently won the prestigious Red Dot award.

The company is currently running a Kickstarter campaign and with just under a month to go, has raised over EUR 170,142 on Kickstarter. Could VELLO’s kinetic energy recovery system be used in other products?



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