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The world's first virtual reality cinema has opened in Amsterdam

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The VR Cinema gives movie-goers an immersive experience via Samsung Gear VR, headphones, and 360 degree chairs.

Virtual reality has been gaining ground in video games and online video in the past few years, and we even saw the world’s first VR theme park set to open in Utah. At the beginning of this month, the world’s first VR Cinema opened in Amsterdam.

The idea originated as a pop-up cinema touring cities in the Netherlands, Germany and Switzerland. Unlike a traditional cinema, the theatre uses Samsung Gear VR, combined with a Samsung Galaxy S6 and a 360 degree chair to allow people to look around freely through the film. This is combined with immersive headphones to give a full VR experience to those watching the films.

VR Cinema

The cinema is now showing feature films that are designed specifically for a VR environment, with the film ‘In Your Face’ presenting users with the dilemma of the ongoing European refugee crisis.

Which other major entertainment sphere will VR conquer next?



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