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Display screens | Photo source Joshua Earle on Unsplash

World’s thinnest wearable display

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A new wearable display is flexible, shows full colour and claims to be the world’s thinnest.

Chinese company Royole creates technologies and products with the goal to improve how people interact with the world. Their latest product is Royal Flexible+ Wearables, a high-definition wearable AMOLED display. With a thickness of 0.01 millimetres and a bending radius of 1 millimetre, Royole claims that it is the world’s thinnest wearable display.

At the Moscow 2018 World Cup final, company founder and CEO Dr. Bill Liu announced the Royale Flexible Shirt and Flexible Top Hat, where fans tested the products. It uses flexible sensor technology to display high-resolution and high-colour saturation visuals. A portable external Lithium battery powers the easy to assemble wearables. The wearable display is also powerful enough to display 3GP/MP4 and JPEG/GIF images. In addition, the displays are removable from the items. Therefore wearers can wash their clothing and then reinsert the displays with ease.

In a press release, Liu said: “We embedded our ground-breaking, ultra-thin fully flexible displays into a traditional, yet stylish, cotton shirt and top hat for a unique new way for companies or individuals to visually express their personal passions, politics, creativity, social awareness, and more.”

Other recent innovations in displays include an internet-connected display from Japan that’s made out of wood. The wooden display can show messages and adjust the lighting and temperature in a room. In Denmark, a 4K resolution mixed-reality display screen that works in the same way as a headset.




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