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Dutch brand creates social network to connect local users

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There’s no denying that consumers like to talk about the brands and products that are part of their lives. That’s why there are sites such as RedesignMe, Hollrr and — most recently — The Chicken. It’s also why Dutch brand Weltevree just launched a social network of its own dedicated specifically to fostering conversation among its local users and suppliers. Weltevree’s products include a popular, outdoor bathtub known as the “Dutchtub” along with an oven designed for outdoor cooking. Launched just last week, the company’s “World Wide Local” is a new digital platform on which users and suppliers of such products can connect with each other by sharing their local experiences and findings. For each product Weltevree sells, the map-based site indicates where in the world fellow users and suppliers have signed on. A click on any of the associated dots on the map leads users of World Wide Local to a description of the user or supplier in question along with photos. Users can also search on more general categories such as “local traditions” and “extreme conditions.” The company explains: “By creating, Weltevree answers questions such as: Who will buy a Weltevree product? How does the Dutchtub perform in the Norwegian snow or on a waterside in Miami? Can the Stonestove warm up my soup?” In this era of transparency triumph, there’s clearly no stopping the discussion about your brand and products. Why not be the one to help make the conversation happen? Spotted by: Katharina Kieck



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