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Limited-edition, gadget-friendly jeans

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It’s no longer uncommon to see bags and even jackets with pockets for gadgets, but French WTFjeans are the first pants we’ve seen designed specifically with technology geeks in mind. iPods, iPhones, USB sticks and more can all be accommodated in these high-tech jeans, which feature “Twitter bloo” stitching and microfiber lining for extra gadget protection. Along with the mobile-device compartments, there’s a special USB stick pocket on the front of the pants, which are sold in men’s sizes. There’s also “extra protection” padding along the crotch sides. Finally, just as interesting is that WTF plans to make only 1,000 pairs and it’s conducting all its promotion through online social media. Launched earlier this month, the “beta version” of the pants, comprising 100 pairs priced at EUR 59 each, has already sold out, and will ship April 1. The rest of us can now get WTFjeans for EUR 79 on orders placed before Aug. 1; 400 pairs will be sold that way and shipped in early September. Thereafter, the final 500 pairs will sell for EUR 109 each. Consumers may live much of their lives online, but in the real world, they still need pants–both figuratively and literally. Still plenty of opportunity out there for gadget-enabled, OFF=ON clothing! (Related: Chic camera bags for style-conscious photographersDesign your own jeans, custom-made for $145Limited-edition jeans for summer music festival.) Spotted by: Jenny Lau



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