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Customized wall planners for a personal year-at-a-glance

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A while back, we spotted Bizzyboard, which helps families keep track of what parents and kids are doing each week by means of a giant whiteboard. New to the calendar game is YearMadeForMe, enabling customers to create a personalized wall planner. Customers use YearMadeForMe’s simple website to select a title, colour and start date for their calendar. Special events, like birthdays or exam dates, can be added, and users can then preview the planner before they order. The customized chart displays a year in advance in 39×19 inch format, providing a helicopter view of twelve months. Each planner is USD 27 and ships in three days by standard US post. A simple product made interesting through personalization, YearMadeForMe could easily target niche (gift) audiences, such as first-year university students in need of motivation, families expecting a new member nine months down the road, or athletes preparing for a year of competitive sports. Spotted by: Jonathan



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