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Yoga apparel vibrates to aid form and ability

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Nadi X reacts to a user’s body movement and provides guidance throughout a yoga session.

Sydney-born and US-based fashion tech company Wearable X has created Nadi X, a line of activated yoga apparel that listens and responds to a user’s body, guiding them through their yoga flow. Using vibrational feedback, the technology-embedded leggings provide encouragement with gentle pulses around the hips, knees and ankles.

The leggings have the ability to identify the pose the wearer is in and provides real time feedback through gentle pulses, drawing awareness to the focal points of each pose. Nadi X is accompanied by a companion iPhone app and battery, also known as the ‘Pulse’. The Pulse clips behind the upper left knee and powers the sensations in the pants. The frequency and intensity of each vibration rhythm encourages how to orient the body in each pose. The companion app connects to the pants via Bluetooth and caters to every ability, from beginner to gurus. The leggings cost USD 299 and are available in four different colours and styles.

Wearable fitness technology has seen a hike in popularity in recent years, with smart trainers that help runners avoid injuries and the wrist wearable that automatically counts calories being just two innovations covered by Springwise. How could technology be manipulated to aid other sports?




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