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Travel company gives bloggers free trips

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Earlier this year we covered YokmoK, the Spanish travel company that invites its clients to help create new trips. Now, taking a page from TasteCasting‘s play book—by which restaurants give bloggers free food in exchange for social-media exposure—YokmoK is now offering popular bloggers free trips. Owners of popular blogs—which YokmoK defines as those with 10,000 or more incoming links—relating to travel, adventure or adrenaline sports are invited to apply for free travel on one of YokmoK’s upcoming trips. They need only submit their name, the URL of their blog, which trip they’re interested in and a few sentences about themselves in order to be considered. Then, when YokmoK finds itself with an unused slot on a trip, it lets qualified bloggers know—in general, at least two to three weeks before the schedule date of departure. If the blogger is available to participate, YokmoK will pay for all services included in the price for the corresponding trip. In exchange, the blogger is expected to share their experience of the trip, including at least four entries before the trip starts, one entry per day during the trip, and another four entries after the trip ends; each entry must include at least one direct link to YokmoK’s website. Free expeditions are certainly a bigger investment for YokmoK than free meals are for TasteCasting’s clients. On the other hand, can any advertising dollar achieve the targeted exposure of multiple posts on a highly relevant and popular blog site? We don’t think so, either. A model to emulate for your own company’s promotional purposes! (Related: Job contest lets bloggers become pilotsBlogger helps connect consumers and brandsJob contest spotlights Great Barrier Reef Islands.) Spotted by: Raul Vigas



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