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Mobile app enables in-seat concession ordering at sports events

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It’s not unheard of for sports fans to be able to order concessions from the comfort of their seats for delivery during a game — those in special seating areas at San Francisco Giants games, for example, can reportedly do so using a paper-based ordering system. A new mobile app just rolled out by the neighboring San Jose Earthquakes soccer team, however, brings such capabilities to all game attendees with Apple or Android phones. Yorder is a free, location-aware mobile app for Android and iPhone that lets sports fans browse and order from the concession menu without having to miss any of the game. Known formerly as iConcessionStand, the app won the 2010 PayPal X Developer Challenge Grand Prize and was just recently rolled out by the Quakes, according to a report in the San Francisco Chronicle. Fans simply use the app to launch the food and drink menu from Buck Shaw Stadium’s two concession stands and place their order; payment is made through PayPal, along with a convenience fee of USD 1 per transaction. Concessions operator Bon Appetit then delivers the order to the fan’s seat in 15 to 20 minutes. Quakes team merchandise is also available through Yorder, and later this season it will link into gourmet food trucks that serve the team’s games as well. Because it’s location-aware, the app can be used at any participating stadium or arena. Teams, arts organizations and others that host large events: one to put to work for your own attendees? (Related: Giant-screen social games for crowds at large eventsIn-stadium social media for baseball fansPhone-controlled gaming on a jumbotron.) Spotted by: Judy McRae



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