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YorZ: bountiful listing

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Companies have long rewarded their employees for bringing in talent. Now, intermediaries like YorZ are casting an even bigger net, cleverly turning to the rest of the world for help.

We liked (consumer to consumer lending), (consumers buying, selling and exchanging services in their local area), (aggregating consumer demand), and we certainly like YorZ, a community designed to help consumers refer candidates for great jobs and make money from it. All these ventures are turning consumers into prosumers if not minipreneurs, while giving a new meaning to the concept of intermediation; they’re middlemen on behalf of consumers, not only saving consumers money but also helping them make money. So back to YorZ, where members can find a job or post a job listing including an optional bounty (a referral reward) to encourage people to refer quality candidates. In fact, while normal postings cost USD 10, the fee is waived if the employer chooses to pay a success-based bounty of USD 50 (EUR 39.90/GBP 27.10) or more. The bounty system encourages consumers to become headhunters, scouting their friends, colleagues and family for listed jobs. Obviously, the bounty is only awarded if an employee is successfully sourced through YorZ, while the employer is asked to leave feedback about referrers and candidates. At last count, YorZ listed 874 jobs, and a total of USD 143,310 in bounties.


Every employer knows that the right person for the right job is out there somewhere: how to locate them is the real challenge. Companies have long been rewarding their own employees for bringing in talent: now, companies like YorZ are casting an even bigger net, cleverly turning to the rest of the world for help. They also realize that in a rapidly professionalizing customer made marketplace, they will have to pony up serious money to entice knowledgeable consumers to participate. It still beats paying an entire year’s salary to a headhunter, though! And sticking with getting customers and consumers involved in your corporate processes: the YorZ bounty system would work for all kinds of quests and challenges (and thus new intermediary concepts). Consumers as participants, not just audiences: everyone will win!


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