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Shares in New Zealand beehives help protect Manuka trees

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New Zealand start-up Your Pure Honey is offering customers the chance to own a share of a beehive in and enjoy the Manuka honey it produces. A basic share costs USD 285 per season (September–May) and yields 2kg of raw honey (delivery costs are included). Those who their own personal colony can adopt an entire hive as a ‘Premium Partner’ for USD 2,500 and receive 20kg of honey at the close of the season. Your Pure Honey is keen to establish a personal connection between partners and their hives. Each partner receives a personal link to a website that’s updated throughout the season with photographs and videos of their hive, and the material is collated in a photo book and DVD at the end of the season. Like the vineyard shares and adopted olive tree that preceded this venture, it’s all about creating a unique story and product that can be shared with friends. And there’s an extra dimension that should appeal to consumers: forest preservation. Manuka trees are often felled to create extra farming land. Your Pure Honey rents land from farmers (one hectare per hive), protecting Manuka forests and providing farmers with an alternative source of income. It’s a sweet deal all round. (Related: Remote-controlled farming for city dwellersSustainable crowdfunded forestRooftop beekeeping at Fortnum’s.) Spotted by: via Chris Turner



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