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YouTube makeup tutorials in brick-and-mortar stores


Sephora showcases online makeup tutorials instore, catering to their target market's affinity for Youtube stars like Zoella.

We’ve seen how brick-and-mortar retail outlets are bringing elements of online shopping to the instore experience, such as a New York store that offers 24-hours on-demand access. Now makeup specialists Sephora are incorporating YouTube tutorials into stores.


Visitors to the new flagship store in San Francisco can browse Sephora’s collection of YouTube tutorials instore, which feature product recommendations and detailed guides on how to get the most out of them — users are even able to browse by skin tone. Given the huge popularity of YouTube stars such as Zoella — who has over 10 million subscribers — the move by Sephora facilitates instore purchases by catering to the taste of the online generation. The integrated YouTube tutorials are one of a number of digital concepts born out of Sephora’s Innovation Lab, which has also integrated selfie-apps for contouring tips and personalized instore alerts for shoppers.

Could clothing outlets use a similar model for fashion bloggers?



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