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YouTube meets Monster

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Thanks to YouTube, web surfers throughout the world have grown comfortable posting and watching online videos. So it’s no surprise to see niche sites pop up with videos focused on specialized topics. Last June we wrote about RealPeopleRealStuff, a just-launched video classified ad site that challenged users to create and star in their own commercials. RealPeopleRealStuff wisely sought out partnerships with newspapers to increase visitor traffic in a channel that—eBay notwithstanding—is still highly localized. Now, just over half a year later, RealPeopleRealStuff’s founders have launched a sister site named, a kind of Monster/YouTube/Craigslist/Facebook mix. For rates ranging from free to USD 25 or more, lets employers post videos describing the work and benefits they offer. To help them, the site contains a lengthy library of pre-recorded videos describing common occupations. Job hunters, meanwhile, can upload their video resumes in the hopes of catching an employer’s eye. A widget lets them link their online resumes to their Facebook profiles. VideoJobShop isn’t the only site harnessing video for job seekers. Back in 2006, we looked at HireVue, a site that lets job seekers tape their responses to employers’ questions, creating what might be termed speed-dating for employment. Then last fall we spotted CareerTours, where companies post videos touting the benefits they offer new hires. The video employment space will no doubt continue to evolve, opening up fresh opportunities for entrepreneurs. Up until now, for example, these sites have been largely national in scope. So going strictly local could be an option. Focusing on high-demand job categories is another option. It’s not hard to imagine sites devoted to health professionals or video game programmers. Focusing on niches may be the best strategy for avoiding the danger that major sites such as Monster or its IT counterpart will heavily promote low-cost video job descriptions and resumes, decisively trouncing new entrants. ( has already posted a thoughtful article on the benefits and pitfalls of video resumes.) Another entrepreneurial opportunity? As video resumes become more common, job seekers will need videographers and coaches to help them create professional, convincing and confident video portraits. And the same goes for employers seeking to hire. Something to explore and get started on soon!


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