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Israeli designer creates five pairs of shoes from one

Fashion & Beauty

Hot on the heels of our post about Malaysian fashion label Ultra and their minimalist ten-piece wardrobe, the next innovation in budget and eco-conscious fashion is ze o ze, the versatile shoe that transforms into five different styles. The creation of Israeli industrial designer Daniela Bekerman, ze o ze, which translates as ‘this or that’ in Hebrew, is a plain flat shoe that comes with a range of components that connect at the sole. Modular attachments in varying heel sizes take the ballet slipper to a brogue-inspired lace-up or a Mary Jane kitten-heel pump, meaning shoe lovers get more for their money while also offering a practical solution for travelers who need to pack light but still want a selection of looks. ze o ze is currently a prototype and Bekerman is looking for investors to develop and manufacture them. Giving one product the ability to morph into multiple styles uses less material, produces less waste and makes it attractive to the growing market of environmentally-aware consumers. One to partner with to help ze o ze take their first steps?


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