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Zipcar perks: bicycle racks and passes to national parks

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Car-sharing enterprise Zipcar is relentlessly innovative. Since we first covered them, they’ve grown to 325,000 members and 6,500 vehicles in the United States and Britain, and they continue to add new products and services to their offerings. The latest? Last week, the company announced that two dozen Subaru Imprezas and Outbacks in Seattle and Portland have been fitted with complimentary bike racks for autumn, while several dozen other Zipcars now include free passes to state and national parks. By adding perks like these, Zipcar not only builds brand loyalty, but also shows potential customers that car-sharing isn’t just a good alternative to car ownership, but comes with extra benefits, too. This specific add-on will no doubt win over a few Seattleites and Portlanders who’ve been holding on to their cars specifically for the easy access it gives them (and their bikes) to the Northwest’s great outdoors. What can you add to your own product or service that will delight, attract and retain customers? (Related: Zipcar’s iPhone app will find and unlock carsZipcar and Zimride join forces on college campusesIn Paris, a city-wide scheme to share electric cars.)



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