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Virtual game purchases benefit Haiti Relief Fund

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There are plenty of opportunities for companies to demonstrate their generosity even during the best of times, but when disaster strikes, there’s a much greater potential to make a difference. That, no doubt, was part of the motivation behind last year’s Bushfire Housing, and it’s also surely at work in social gaming company Zynga’s Haiti Relief Fund. Starting this past Thursday, Zynga is conducting a special relief campaign in three of its top games—FarmVille, Mafia Wars and Zynga Poker—which together reach more than 40 million users daily. Specifically, players of those games can now purchase limited-edition in-game social goods, and 100 percent of the proceeds will go towards supporting emergency aid in Haiti. Within FarmVille, there’s white corn that will not wither if left unattended for a week; in Mafia Wars, there’s a Haitian drum. Zynga Poker fans, meanwhile, can buy a special chip package in exchange for a rare premium item. Users can also donate directly to the World Food Programme, which has set up an emergency response team to distribute food and other relief to thousands in Haiti. Yet another shining example of the corporate generosity now being expected by what our sister site calls Generation G, Zynga’s Haiti Relief Fund is one to be emulated as soon—and as often—as possible! (Related: Donated site helps families keep their homes.)



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